About Us / CORPORATE - Sengün Machinel; Lahmacun, lavash, pizza, pita bread, thin dough, noodles and other cooked dough apply the exact solution

About Us


     Our company was founded in 1977 as a manufacture of machine elements. Machine elements in mechanical production moved to its objective of establishing our brand and our products and our own company in 1998 accelerated this goal. Firsts in Turkey since 1998 have proved ourselves in order to produce machines and then to open before the pizza dough, pizza and bread and so on. pişirebilen furnaces manufactured products such as high standards. Fast-food industry in order to service quality, efficiency, and high technology to produce products based on the amateur spirit, the company never lose consciousness, and strive to.

     Today, up to 4.000 m² manufacturing tesisimizle Turkey's most important and famous brands, we are very happy to have gained our customer portfolio.
 We hope to see you among us.

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