SEN-1502 Gas Oven / SENOVEN Pizza Burners with Conveyor / PRODUCTS   - Sengün Machinel; Lahmacun, lavash, pizza, pita bread, thin dough, noodles and other cooked dough apply the exact solution

SENOVEN Pizza Burners with Conveyor

SEN-1502 Gas Oven

SEN-1502 Gas Oven

Micro-processor controlled, programmable cooking system and program Memorization feature baked goods and fast as possible to obtain the same standard. Pizza, pita bread and so on. products are used in cooking.

Rapid transition between cooking pcs / hour as compared to other types of high efficiency furnaces.

* Microprocessor (PLC)-controlled programming
* Program storage, the program enables non-manual work
* Complete stainless steel body
* Low gas consumption and product-focused cooking system provides uniform cooking
* LCD touch screen for easy use
* 1 min and 60 min cooking time interval
* Fast and efficient with recovery time.
* Low energy consumption.
* 2 year service guarantee.

SEN-1502 Gas Oven

Oven Width
A : 915 mm
 Height of chassis + Oven
B : 448 mm
Chassis Height
C : 616 mm
Cooking Room D : 710 mm
Total length
E : 796 mm
Machine Height F : 480 mm
Total length
G : 1557,5 mm


Model Dead weight Total Power Electrical Input Average Power Consumption
SEN - 1500 - 10 kW 380 V / 50 Hz 4/5  kw/h
SEN - 2000 - 27 kW 380 V / 50 Hz 12/13  kw/h
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