SEN 3000, automatic grill technology, it cooks your meat excellent and provides %40 energy-saving.

SEN 3000™ , new generation hybrid grill technology, it brings together grill and natural-focused cooking, the machine has completely different concept.

SEN 3000 with rapid flow burner designed for cook more than one product at the same time with energy-saving, easy usage and easy cleaning. It can fit easily narrow areas. 

LENGHT 42,7 1085
HEIGHT 31,5 800
WİDTH 27,1 689


Gas fuels: Naturel Gas / LPG
Average consumption: 37,000 BTU / h
Connection Size: ¾” NPT (M20)
Electricity Connection: 1 F + 1 N + 1 T / 230V, 3A

Value measurements measured by Şengün Makina. Energy value is expected to be seen in the average usage. Contact us for more information.


350lbs / 158Kg

Weight of automatic grill can change, depending on order options.


  • Single or double belt
  • Undercarriage
  • Automatic grill push rods and belt supporting products
  • Product gathering options; Amber pan or product catching pan
  • LPG, Natural Gas
  • Adaptable voltage setting for domestic or abroad countries


     Please contact us for more information...

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