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  • Everyhing<br> Is Fine!

    Is Fine!

    We are preparing to bake and bake
    the doughs of the world's fast food,
    cafe and restaurant brands.

  • Prepare dough

    Prepare dough

    with desired form and thinness.

    SM-30 | SM-40

  • Fine dough<br> fine experiences.

    Fine dough
    fine experiences.

    HX-30 H | HX-40 H

  • We focus on quality,

    We focus on quality,

    efficiency and state-of-the-art technology.

    SM-30 | SM-40

  • Our products put

    Our products put

    both your mind and business at ease.

    SM-300 | SM-450 | SM-600

  • Our fine thinking mindset

    Our fine thinking mindset

    produces reliable and  innovative solutions.

    HORIZONTAL : SM-55YH | SM-60YH | SM-60.3YH

  • Versatile Solutions

    Versatile Solutions

    For Dough Preparation.

    Dough Rounding Machibe : SHY-290


Sengun Machinery | New Generation Dough Master

Meet Senoven products, which are appreciated by master chefs with our 40 years of experience in machine manufacturing.

Each Senoven product bears the mark of a team that has developed dozens of innovative products in the dough preparation, pizza baking and meat cooking groups. Our company was established in 1978 as the manufacture of machine elements. In mechanical production, machine elements were moved to the goal of establishing our brand and products, and in 1998 our own company accelerated this goal. Firsts in Turkey since 1998, making machines and then pizza dough, pizza, bread, etc. We have proven ourselves before opening. high standard products such as cookable ovens are produced. The company never loses its consciousness and strives to produce products based on the amateur spirit in order to serve quality, efficiency and high technology in the fast-food sector. Today, we are happy to have gained our customer portfolio of the most important and famous brands of Turkey with our production facility of up to 4.000 m². The Dough Roller helps you finish a laborious and time-consuming process such as rolling dough in a short time by saving both time and effort. Thanks to its practicality, it is extremely suitable for use both at work and at home. In addition, it allows the dough to be opened at the speed, fineness and diameter you desire. Dough Rolling Machine can be used in your home, restaurant, cafe, kitchen, hotel, fastfood etc. It is one of the favorites in phyllo craftsmanship with its principle of working in the same way as hand-rolled phyllo, without any difference between the phyllo dough you have opened with your hand in your embroidery. You can obtain phyllo dough with a Dough Sheeter, just like hand rolling, by simply putting the dough without using any additives. The Sugar Dough Rolling Machine allows you to easily roll out your cake dough or sugar dough in the desired thickness and thickness in all countertop places. You can roll out your sugar dough with a maximum width of 60 cm quickly and practically. It can be easily preferred in all pastry applications such as cake, candy and sweet. We are with you as a solution partner of our valuable masters by producing fast and professional solutions in the entire food industry with our industrial dough preparation equipment.

Vertical Dough Rolling Machines

Vertical Dough Rolling Machines

For us, fineness is not just about the thickness of dough. It s a comprehensive mindset covering all the fine details about the experience a product offers.

Fondant Rolling Machines

Fondant Rolling Machines

To offer reliable solutions to the fast food industry, we use high-quality materials including dust resistant motors and components in our designs. All intermediate parts like rollers are manufactured and quality-checked in our own facilities.

Horizantal Dough Rolling Machines

Horizantal Dough Rolling Machines

Ideal for phyllo applications, Horizontal dough rolling machines can also be used for rolling large sized pizza doughs. They come with fully stainless body, two or three roller options, and speed control for rolling different types of dough. Known for their silent, vibration-free operation and low energy consumption, Horizontal dough rolling machines are easy to install, operate and clean.

Dough Preparation Equipment

Dough Preparation Equipment

Offering versatile solutions for preparing dough with desired form and thinness, Şengün dough rolling machines not only ensure close-to-natural rolling but also speed up and standardize dough preparation for products like pizza, pita and pastry.

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