It provides ease of use for our customers by its microprocessor controlled programmable cooking system and memory feature. Our ovens assure product-oriented homogenous cooking by eliminating the cool air curtain above the product by means of air ducts.  Gas models are available.

Rapid transition between cooking pcs / hour as compared to other types of high efficiency furnaces.

* Microprocessor (PLC)-controlled programming
* Program storage, the program enables non-manual work
* Complete stainless steel body
* Low power consumption and product-focused system provides uniform cooking cooking
* LCD touch screen for easy use
* 100 non-manual work-program recording and program opportunities
* 1 min and 60 min cooking time interval
* Fast and efficient with recovery time.
* Low energy consumption.
* 2 year service guarantee.

DIMENSIONS SEN - 2500 L Gas Model
frame Width A : 883 mm
Chassis Size B : 2510 mm
oven Width C : 1007 mm
Band Width D : 770 mm
Cooking Room Width E : 850 mm
Inner Band Width F : 600 mm
Total Oven Size G : 3128 mm
Chassis Height K : 125 mm
Machine Height L : 537,5 mm
wheel Diameter M : 354 mm

Energy Type

Dead weight Total Power Power Input Capacity
SEN - 2500 L


fragen 10 kW 220 V / 50 Hz 40x25 cm
1000 Number | Hour

SG-2500 L Gas Oven Lavash / Comments

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